5 Signs Of A Family-Friendly Neighborhood

My grandmother used to tell us that she feels happy when we are happy. At that time, I didn’t know what it meant but know I understand. A safe community can make a huge variation in your life. Whether you have kids or not, you want to live in a family-friendly surrounding. You want to stay in a community where you and the rest of the family are safe and feel welcome. Some times it is hard to find out if the neighborhood is safe or not.

If you are moving, you need to perform thorough research to find a good place. But you don’t need that anymore. We have researched for you. Check out these five signs of a family-friendly neighborhood.

Near to child-friendly facilities

A family-friendly place is one that is near to child-friendly facilities. Kids love playing and engaging in fun activities with their agemates. A neighborhood with such facilities and free playgrounds make the area ideal for your family to stay. This means it will be easy for the children to attend any kids events without having to travel ling distances. 


Safety is among the signs you should look for when searching for a family-friendly community. You don’t need to stay a please where your kids will be kidnapped or abducted while you are away. A place with low cases of crime is a good place for your family to live. Some of the things that make such places safe include crossing guards, crosswalks, fenced areas as well as well-lit sidewalks. This makes the place comfortable walking during the night. 

Near to schools

Education is the key to a good life. Therefore, consider finding a place that is near to schools where your kids can go. Moving from your current location doesn’t mean that your kids should stop schooling. Ensure the schools around the area you plan to move to are among the best. If you love public schools, find out about their location and performance. It will help you to find a good school that will give your child the education he needs. 

The houses are not frequently vacated

If you see a mass of people moving out of the place you intend to stay in, that is not a good place to stay. It means, people don’t like that place and there is something wrong with that location. A good place is where people rarely move out. It is a sign that everything there is good and will be fit for your entire family. 


Even if the location has all the about signs, if it is not affordable, it is not good for your family. Moving to an expensive location is like committing financial suicide. A family-friendly place is a location where you can afford to pay all your bills minus sacrificing the happiness of your family – read article on best chicago neighborhoods for single professionals.


A family-friendly community doesn’t have to be expensive, but it needs to be comfortable for everyone. It should be a place where you feel secure even when walking alone.

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